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Chinese Medicine Herbs

kara emmy' of Heartfelt Energy Work exudes warmth and energy.  kara continues to help me focus on the healing power of the mind and body.  I recommend her highly to assist you in bringing more balance to your body, mind and spirit.

Lauren Clark

I cannot begin to tell you all the ways my life has changed since I met kara emmy'.  So I will tell you just a few.  The biggest impact on my life has been my increased confidence, self-awareness, focus and blessed peace.  kara has taught me how to meditate, to get out of my head and into my heart, which I have struggled with all my life.  She has given me the energy and motivation to go forward and make my own impact on this world.  kara always says: 
"you cannot fall.  step out in faith and either of two things will happen.  the ground will rise up to meet you or... you will fly"

Patty Marr

In early 2017 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I began searching for alternative health solutions. Everything I read pointed me to yoga and meditation, however I knew nothing about either of them. My attempts at meditation left me frustrated, then I met Kara Emmy'. I took a few of Kara's guided meditations and learned so much. When she offered the meditation intensive I really felt I needed to be there. I’m glad I followed that feeling as I have greater understanding of the meditation practice and the many tools that I can use to meditate. It opened up my world to a new way of healing and has helped create a greater calm in my life. Meditation truly is "the foundation of everything" as Kara says.

Lou Anne Dunn

I used to think that meditation was for people who can afford to take a year off and sit on a mountain top in India. I’m a busy business owner. How could I possibly have time to sit and do nothing? Clearly, I was wrong about what meditation is and how it works. After taking meditation classes from Kara, I began my own practice. Mediation gives me the stillness to plan my day. Afterwards, I am laser focused on what I want to accomplish rather than putting out fires all day as I used to do. I am so grateful for Kara and her willingness to share her wisdom. Knowing her and taking her classes have truly changed my life.

Carolyn McGinn

After I see Kara, I feel refreshed and centered with incredible mental clarity. Heartfelt Reiki is the only place that I can go for spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental cleansing. All of my good energy is restored. Reiki is a non-invasive, wonderful experience in a quiet, relaxing setting where everything is calm. It is like going on your favorite vacation.

Shareen DeNittis Berkowitz

Review from my dear husband/life partner, who has had several sessions from Kara: When I first met Kara, I was skeptical. I guess I thought of energy work as kind of
woo woo; out there; strange. Now I know better.
To paraphrase Shakespeare, there were more things in
the world than were dreamed of in my former philosophy.
Energy flow is real. I look at Kara and see five generations
of 'sighted' persons, linking arms to help.

Rosalie Jacobi Conrad Hutchens

Ancient spiritual practices are diluted in our tweeting culture. If you thirst for deeper immersion into the healing traditions and crave authenticity, Kara Emmy is whom you are seeking. Her lifelong teachers are masters honored world wide. The gift she shares seeps through her bones from a family of generations of healers.

Diane  de Groot

I am new to the reiki healing experience and I feel so fortunate to have been directed to Kara as my guide and healer! Her abilities are undeniable and her light shines so brightly! I am learning so much...about healing, about myself...and I feel more centered, grounded and lighter than I have in many many years!

Tamara Masters Andrews-Clark

I was very skeptical about Reiki before I started working with kara emmy’.
I thought I was too much of a in-my-head kind of person to get anything out of it. However, I thought my husband would enjoy it.
I witnessed beautiful changes while my husband worked with kara, and I became much more open to it. His anger and frustration softened.
I remember watching him smiling and laughing outside while playing with our kids. He was so much more at ease with himself and us.
My husband encouraged me to give it a try. After my first session, I did notice subtle changes. Bad habits didn’t have quite the same grip on me. I recognized that my work as a parent, spouse, and a business owner are intimately tied to my well-being. If I am stressed, weighed down, or struggling, then I can’t progress in any area of my life. This was a chance to re-center myself and move down the path of health and prosperity. I decided to give it a try. Since I wanted to see what consistent Reiki could do for me, the amazing deal of the 6-month package seemed like the obvious choice. My personal growth has been priceless. Before my first session, I walked into her office, sat on the couch, and burst into tears. I was so exhausted from stress and parenting. I had completely lost sight of who I was a person. Fast forward to my last session with her and I feel like I’m beaming. I can see my place at the nucleus of the family, but I’m nurturing who I am too. I feel like I can cope with the stresses of life. It is funny how months later I find myself quoting things she has been saying all along to me. Little seeds she plants blossom and I see the truth in them. I am so grateful for the wisdom and talents of kara emmy’ and recommend her to everyone.

Erin Brand, MM, MT-BC
Owner of Love Joy Music

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